One-touch Scanning For Your Rugged Devices

Scan barcode data into your applications with the device's in-built rear camera.

Because you always need to optimize efficiency

The KeyWedge Barcode Reader Utility expands the capability of any ruggedized Getac device with a rear camera. No hardware. No upgrades. No SDK integration required. Simply install the app and you’ve got a one-touch rugged barcode scanner suitable for standard industrial field use, available on your Getac tablets or laptops. One download and you’re good to go.

Barcode technology has revolutionized control of assets and knowledge across the world

The utilization of Barcodes has grown across several sectors. Organizations are now utilizing them for identification and tracking of inventory and assets alike. Not all sectors require a high volume of barcode scanning, therefore a lower cost software solution provides the capability required. Getac KeyWedge Barcode Reader Utility caters for the need without the higher cost of dedicated barcode reader.


KeyWedge makes camera-based barcode scanning cost-effective

With our software you can add barcode scanning capability to Getac devices utilizing the rear camera, enabling easy rollout of asset tracking and identification capabilities across your organization at very little cost. There’s no need to buy or carry additional devices. With our software simply aim the rear camera and scan a barcode (or multiple barcodes) automatically with a single click – it’s that simple.​

KeyWedge provides one-click scanning via the app icon or a programmable hardware button. Multiple codes can be scanned and stored in sequence. A torch function is enabled for low-light conditions. Diverse scan modes and an easy-to-use Configuration Wizard are also available. Custom UPC schemes can be accepted (with most common schemes pre-programmed).

Why Choose KeyWedge Barcode Reader Utility?

Key Features


Dual Scan Triggers

Barcode scanning can be triggered in the software scan window or by assigning a hardware button.

icon_low light mode

Low Light Mode

The LED flash can be activated for scanning indoor and low-light environments.

icon_scan mode

Scan Mode

KeyWedge supports scan modes for multiple and continuous scans to match the input for different software use.

icon_scan history

Scan History

Click on the scan history to keep track of a list of scanned items or reuse any scanned items for your software.


Configuration Wizard

Configurable industry-common symbols & encodings.


Multiple Language Support

12 languages supported.


Administrator Account

Administrators can restrict users from changing settings and configurations.


Change Setting via Command Line​

Command line scripts can be used for one click setting changes.

Need a high efficiency of scanning?

If you have a requirement for a higher volume of scanning, we offer dedicated integrated barcode scanner options across our product range to meet your needs.

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